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Brown Hair and Beard Dye

Brown Hair and Beard Dye

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BROWN HAIR This enhancement can significantly elevate the perceived value of your service, making hairlines and beards stand out. It is especially useful for those with lighter hair/skin or a prominent hairline or beard. Designed to provide a natural-looking, smooth finish, the Brown Hair and Beard Dye will bring your hairline or beard to the next level, regardless of texture. The product has been formulated for an airbrush and is packaged in a 2oz bottle, providing 25-30 applications. Remarkably, the application will last 3-5 days, even with showering daily.


  • Designed for an Airbrush (Cord or Cordless Compressor)
  • Pre-Mixed with No Dilution Required
  • Water Resistant
  • Skin Safe

How to use:

  • Shake Well
  • Pour a small amount into a clean airbrush reservoir
  • Spray on to the client ensuring that the color stains the skin, not just the hair
  • Do not apply alcohol on the enhanced areas
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