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I love being a barber

Black Hair and Beard Dye

Black Hair and Beard Dye

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 This BLACK HAIR AND BEARD DYE ENHANCEMENT from I LOVE BEING A BARBER can take haircuts and beard styling to the next level. The semi-permanent enhancement is designed to use on both hair and skin, providing a natural look and smooth finish to enhance any hairline or beard. With the black dye, it is ideal for those with lighter hair/skin or those who prefer a more pronounced look. The 2oz bottle offers 25-30 applications, lasting for 3-5 days with daily showers. Take your barbering to the next level today!


  • Designed for an Airbrush (Cord or Cordless Compressor)
  • Pre-Mixed with No Dilution Required
  • Water Resistant
  • Skin Safe

How to use:

  • Shake Well
  • Pour a small amount into a clean airbrush reservoir
  • Spray on to the client ensuring that the color stains the skin, not just the hair
  • Do not apply alcohol on the enhanced areas


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